HouseNewz – Video Questions and Answers for Home Sellers and Home Buyers!

You don’t need to be told that buying or selling a home can be stressful! Nobody sets out to make the worst home selling or buying mistake, yet, it happens. Don't make common errors or worse, when you begin planning your home purchase or sale.  Instead of risking Thousands of Dollars because you didn't know, here's a chance to ask questions from experts BEFORE you take that first step - or -  even while you're in process of buying or selling a home!  

HOUSENEWZ is a question and answer video publication where you can ask questions about purchasing or selling a home!  HouseNewz is broadcast on You Tube and our Facebook platforms and each segment is recorded and available for view at any time.  Each week I’ll feature experts in real estate sales, financing, home inspection and legal needs.  Industry Insiders are all available for live questions or to answer those questions sent using the form on this page.  Don’t be afraid to ask because, remember, “The Only Dumb Question Is One That’s Never Asked!

Use the form on this page to send us your question. It will be placed in the que and answered in order on our weekly broadcast so watch HouseNewz regularly for your answer!