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" .... We had just been married  a few months and looking for our first home. . .... when we met Jan through an on-line service.  Of course we were skeptical beacuse we thought he was like most realtors and wanted to just make a deal but we decided to try.  When we contacted him he had a home listed and he quickly led us through the process of buying and what it would take.  We looked it over, felt ity was just wonderful for us and wanted to buy it - we were one of the first to see it!  He even suggested that " since you have to have some money left over after the sale because even curtains and the cable cost money just to start up, let's see if the seller can help with some costs " we took his advice and he convinnced the seller to pay for part of our closing costs.
A problem came along and Jan didn't flinch, he and his teammate, Charity remained calm and confident and they handled every step we took.  It was all so fast and easy.  Jan is truly a professional we would recommend to anyone who needs experience and guidance when house hunting!  One word of caution though, he says he stops by the home about 1 konth later to see what you did with it so get it ready!    We'll see you then Jan
Alyssa and Sam Funt

  "We were in the process of selling our business in Mechanicsburg and purchasing another in North Myrtle Beach.  We contacted Jan Castner initially for one of his reports on what our home would need to have done prior to placing it on the market.  During a brief appointment, Jan explained his selling system and how it quickly sells homes.   
We went with Jan and his team with full expectation of a move and new business in another state.  However, our plans took a bad turn when the person buying our business was not able to complete the deal.  Jan didn’t flinch and waited until the time when we were ready.  Eventually our business sold and we gave Jan a 3 day notice that we would be moving (kind of funny now!).  
I was amazed, truly amazed, at how quickly his “machine” as he calls it, went into motion.  He had the home sold in 7 days!  Other agents had shown it but once Jan went in personally, with one of his “buyers in wait” as he says, – viola! – home was sold to a well qualified young couple!  We couldn’t believe how smoothly the sale went during the mortgage process and his team stayed right on top and kept us informed every step of the way.   
We are now settling down in South Carolina with our new business and Jan has also indicated he will assist us in our home search there with a special referral to an agent he personally knows.  
For anyone looking for top shelf service and thinking about selling a home, we highly recommend Jan, his team and that wonderful technology of his.  Anyone would be foolish to look elsewhere for a realtor!  Thanks Jan, for the help, your confidence and we look forward to setting roots in our new Myrtle beach home.  We’ll send photos!
Let us know when you’re coming down – we’ll have some baked goods for you! 
  • Amber and Paul Davis,                                           Creamery Road Sellers

"  I had been through 4 other high end brokers.  None could sell "THE MARY K MANSION".  It came to a point where we now needed to sell.  My assitant contact Jan and we met with him.  I didn't believe he could sell something on Front Street in Harrisbrug known for a sour history in 29 days.  I decided to take him up on because what the heck.  
He sold it in 21 days!  I couldn't believe it!  It's nice to work with someon who knows how to handle "business"!  Thanks for helping sell "The Mansion" jan it was a pleasure working with you.
- Rob Edwards

 … I wanted to thank you Jan for what you did for Terry and I.  The last realtor we had (you know her) we knew from before but after 4 months Terry grew tired of waiting for someone to come through and we wanted that other home enough we were even going to pay cash.  However, to be honest, I didn’t believe you either when I saw your letters and ads but Terry did!
I can’t believe you only took a bit over 2 weeks and we had a sale!   I thought for certain you would want us to lower the price but you didn’t.  Your staff was great and well-oiled and we just cannot say enough we are so pleased.  Should have done it earlier or at least had you in when we interviewed.  That won’t happen again, Jan.
I don’t think we will be moving any time soon again but there is another Doc in the hospital that wants your name and I gave it to him.  He should be calling you soon to sell his house and they would want to find another in the same school district.  I think they’re in Central Dauphin.  I know you can handle it Jan, don’t let me down buddy, my neck is on the referral line but I’m certain you do just great with Ben.  I’ll keep giving you some names from time to time as the hospital has some staff moving now and then.  Thanks for all you did and have a great Thanksgiving!
 Dr. David Shupp, M.D.
Director of Dermatology
Milton S. Hershey
Medical Center

Jan ... you sold our home in 11 days! We couldn't believe it! Your team agents Mark to the closing people were super and they stayed on top of every detail not only with calls but you were always so calm and relaxed even when we had that one problem to work with. I will always recommend you and surely will use your service next time Jan. You put as much care and dedication into our one sale as you do with your website. I work with computers for my company and travel around the country and all I've got to say is you must have one helluva' business! Can't believe we were trying this all on Zillow at first before you came along. I don't know if this will reach the people you work for but I hope it does. It's blown the twenty five to thirty websites I visited right out of the water. Not to sound crude but it's finally nice to go to a realtor who's people and website really care.

John G. Bartlett
.... We wanted to sell our home. I had read some of Jan Castner's ads and had received some information in the mail but was not sure. So, we called him and he came over have a casual talk and to explain his 29 day plan. We decided to try it but were certain it would be like our friends when they tried to sell their home. But surprise to us because Jan sold our home in 18 days at almost listed price! But we had to find a larger home so Jan showed us some homes and on the second day he showed us a home that was prelisted. The owner had listed it but wanted to wait until they finished painting. Jan showed it to us, we loved it, made an offer and bought it. Jan really helped get us a good price for the new home. We are so happy that we listed and bought our new home with Jan because he was right. He told us our biggest problem would be packing and it really was! He handled both sales so magnificent and calm."I'll hire you again Jan!  

- Selena Begonavic